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Deep Learning Course Outlines

ID Name Duration Overview
287899 Introduction to Deep Learning 21 hours This course is general overview for Deep Learning without going too deep into any specific methods. It is suitable for people who want to start using Deep learning to enhance their accuracy of prediction. Backprop, modular models Logsum module RBF Net MAP/MLE loss Parameter Space Transforms Convolutional Module Gradient-Based Learning  Energy for inference, Objective for learning PCA; NLL:  Latent Variable Models Probabilistic LVM Loss Function Handwriting recognition
289419 Advanced Deep Learning 28 hours Machine Learning Limitations Machine Learning, Non-linear mappings Neural Networks Non-Linear Optimization, Stochastic/MiniBatch Gradient Decent Back Propagation Deep Sparse Coding Sparse Autoencoders (SAE) Convolutional Neural Networks (CNNs) Successes: Descriptor Matching Stereo-based Obstacle Avoidance for Robotics Pooling and invariance Visualization/Deconvolutional Networks Recurrent Neural Networks (RNNs) and their optimizaiton Applications to NLP RNNs continued, Hessian-Free Optimization Language analysis: word/sentence vectors, parsing, sentiment analysis, etc. Probabilistic Graphical Models Hopfield Nets, Boltzmann machines, Restricted Boltzmann Machines Hopfield Networks, (Restricted) Bolzmann Machines Deep Belief Nets, Stacked RBMs Applications to NLP , Pose and Activity Recognition in Videos Recent Advances Large-Scale Learning Neural Turing Machines  
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